Silica is a raw material with a blueish-grey metallic look. It's the second most found element on earth (28%), and usable for a multitude
of differend products. These products include, but are not limited to:

Cement & Concrete

Optic fiber

The interesting part is that silicon could be applied to agriculture. It can be used in a fertilizer to make your plants stronger. Silicon strengthens the cell walls, enhancing the plants durability. Because of this strenghtening, the plant evaporates less water, and becomes
more drought resistant. The other added effects of silicon are enhanced phosphate absorbtion, a better root system and a higher fungus resistance.
Tests have shown an increased yield from crops fertilized with silicon.

Cultanic gains silicon from the Equisetum Arvense, also known as the common horsetail. This plant has the rare ability to absorb silicon
from the earth, making it ideal for silicon harvesting.


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